what is balayage?

Balayage is simply the next evolution in hair color.
Derived from the French word balayage, meaning "to sweep", the technique involves hand painting strands of hair with lightener to produce an incredibly individual result, ranging from soft subtle strands to heavier more dramatic pieces.

If you do not like the “Striped” look associated with foils, Balayage could be the answer. You can get a much more natural look, like a beautiful “sun kissed” glow. By carefully selecting and hand painting the strands, the color artist works with the shape of your face and the natural way your hair parts and falls, then strategically places on the highlights to give you the most natural effect. Also, because of the way the roots are done with balayage, you don’t get the harsh line of re-growth that you get with foil highlights. If bold statement making highlights are what you are looking for, the Balayage Method gives the colorist much versatility with the placement of each highlight for a totally unique look designed just for you. 

Another reason to choose Balayage…Balayage is also far less stressful on the hair (no baking inside foils) resulting in healthier, shinier hair.

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